VOLUMATION is a modular solution for volumetric content creation using videogrammetry to capture real people, places, and things with proprietary timing sync and calibration for ANY rig from off-the-shelf to professional. Processing happens in a distributed system to fit any workflow with a la carte post-production services including de-lighting, texture cleanup, and more. Optimization for any digital platform and an FBX file output.  The next generation of video is a differentiator for anyone using digital content.
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Our products and services enable small business to professional production with rig consultation and curation. Processing is both hardware and software agnostic and assets can be enabled for use on any platform with optimal performance and look. Create content for VR, AR, TV, Film, Video Games and other uses.


Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level.
Alex Porter
Alex Porter


Entrepreneur | Designer Underminer Studios founder responsible for 12+ immersive titles in Visualization Tech.  She takes pride in impactful uses of technology.

Tim Porter
Tim Porter


Inventor | Tech Artist A pioneer in Visualization Technology, he spent more than a decade in the entertainment industry and brings those paradigms to his development.



Post-production | Connector A background in entertainment with large companies cultivated the spirit of an entrepreneur.  His work in AR brought an acquisition and drive for more.

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