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Being a webcam Professional

Content supplied by

  • A 15-year webinar professional and
  • Ted Talk Speaker Coach, Gordon Neil

Videos Cover the following Topics

Videos covering:

  • The basics of professional to individual or couple meetings
  • All aspects of planning for, strategizing, marketing for and holding your webinar as opposed to local run workshops
  • Detailed Ted Talk quality coaching on your actual presentation
    • Warning…seriously please do not complain about this….don’t purchase if you are not willing to do the work to be the best that you know
  • Coming… multiple Ted Talk quality coaching for all your public speaking both webinar and live performances

Included are:

  • Two how to set up and manage 1 webcam to 1 webcam meetings
    • What to Not do
    • What to do
  • Webinars – includes potential vendors what to look for
    • Why
    • What
    • Planning
    • Strategizing
    • Marketing
      • Groundwork
      • Following
    • Webinar Speaking & Presenting
      • Act 1
      • Act 2
      • Act 3
      • Act 4