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Background Eraser Package

$ 29
  • Limited Time -- No Annual License
  • Instant privacy and professionalism
  • Hide Your Entire Room Background
  • Input your own unlimited backgrounds
  • Works with any 2D Webcam

Quick Operation & Setup Package

$ 39
  • Limited Time -- No Annual License
  • Everything needed to maximize the software
  • Video getting you up and running in 15 minutes
  • Maximize the software for best results
  • Unlimited Power Point Slides and Graphics

Webcam Business Videos Package

$ 129
  • Limited Time -- No Annual License
  • Ted Talk Professional Content
  • 15 Year Webinar Professional Content
  • Videos, how to with clients at home
  • Videos, presenting the best response webinars


$ 159
  • LIMITED TIME -- NO Annual License
  • The Background Eraser Package
  • The Quick Operation & Setup Package
  • The Webcam Business Videos Package
  • Be The Company Webcam Rock Star!
Rock Star Buy
The software "is designed to allow its users to better communicate with gestures, eye contact and other human-to-human interactions – more like how the presentation would appear in real world, face-to-face meetings."
Sarah Perez
Technology Writer
"the app applies a virtual green screen of sorts (the thing the weather man stands in front of) to the background behind "Bob" and replaces it with your desktop."
Emily Price
Techno Researcher
"I am convinced that the future of remote work—that is, the future of most work—is devices few people have been privileged to try, but won’t want to abandon once they do."
Christopher Mims
Technology Writer
"The secret to getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one."
Mark Twain
Author / Philosopher